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Conference Tips

Using Your Speakerphone
A fundamental element in any conference call is your speakerphone. Choosing the right one and mastering its features will help you conduct a seamless conference.

Choose the Appropriate Speakerphone.
Speakerphone needs vary with the group size and the size of the conference "room." We can offer suggestions for the best speakerphone for your needs.

Know Your Microphone Location.
Make sure you know where the microphone is located on your speakerphone unit, and speak directly into it. There is a tendency for people to speak into the speaker because that is where voices are heard. The microphone (especially on larger, more sophisticated units) may be located a significant distance from the speaker. If you talk in the direction of the speaker instead of the microphone, you may not be heard clearly.

Test Your Speakerphone.
Call Premiere Conferencing or a colleague to test your speakerphone. Check how close you need to be to the microphone to be heard clearly. If the speakerphone will be used by a large group, make sure all participants will be able to sit close enough to the microphone.

Use a Headset for Presentations.
Even the best speakerphone can sound hollow and impersonal if you are giving a lecture or presentation. Using a headset will make your presentation sound friendlier to your audience. A headset also allows you to have your hands free.

Use Your Mute Button.
Press your mute button to eliminate background noise. When you need to speak, disengage the mute function. When you finish talking, press your mute button again to keep background noises from disrupting your conference.

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