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Tips on How to Use ReplyLine® RSVP Service
Knowing your audience is crucial. ReplyLine RSVP Service lets you know who will attend and gives you their suggestions for the meeting, letting you tailor your message more effectively.

Print your ReplyLine number on your invitation.
Your participants will call this number to RSVP to your event. Highlight this number using bold text and a large font so callers can refer to this number easily. To avoid confusion, please do not include the actual conference telephone number on your invitation. We will provide the conference telephone number when invitees call ReplyLine.

Use the Web.
For your Web-savvy participants, offer them the opportunity to RSVP on our Web site.

Include the confirmation code.
A confirmation code is assigned for every conference. Be sure to include this code on your invitation along with a reminder to invitees to have the code handy when calling in to RSVP to your event. Using the confirmation code speeds up the ReplyLine process for both our reservationist and the caller.

Include time zones for all participants.
A 3 p.m. meeting in Kansas City is a 2 p.m. meeting in Colorado Springs, which is a 4 p.m. meeting in New York City. Remember to include the time zone of your conference so participants don’t miss out on your important event.

Highlight the date of your call.
Be sure to use bold or large type to emphasize the date of your presentation so participants can mark your event on their calendars.

Include the RSVP date.
Make sure your invitees know to call ReplyLine at least one day before the event. Giving your invitees a ReplyLine deadline lets you know how many participants to expect on your event.

Provide a contact name and telephone number.
Invitees often have questions regarding the topic or format of your event, so it is important to include a contact name and telephone number on your invitation. Participation is likely to increase when your callers are informed and prepared to take part in your event.

List proposed agenda items.
List possible agenda items on your invitation. When participants RSVP, our reservationist can ask them to prioritize those agenda items. Collecting this valuable information enables you to discuss topics relevant to your audience, which will increase the success of your event.

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