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Conference Tips

PremiereCall Conferencing Tips
There are some fundamental factors that can help your operator-assisted PremiereCall be more successful. Keep these basics in mind as you prepare for your conference or event.
Encourage Participants to RSVP.
Use ReplyLine to find out the names of the participants planning to attend your event. Knowing who plans to attend helps you better organize your presentation.

Use Notifications and Reminders.
Broadcast Messaging helps boost attendance with telephone reminders, e-mails and faxes.

Begin on Time.
Starting on time sends a message to the entire group that tardiness is unacceptable and that your meeting time will not be wasted waiting for late participants.

Use an Agenda.
An agenda will help keep your meeting on schedule. Be sure to identify the objectives for the meeting then refer to them throughout your presentation.

Identify Who is Speaking.
Participants should identify themselves by stating their name and company name. For example, “This is John Doe from ABC Corporation, and I have a question for the moderator.” The meeting cannot begin without the moderator, so it is important for moderators to identify themselves when they join the conference.

Use your Mute Button. (Moderator only)
To reduce background noise, use the mute button on your telephone or speakerphone. Loud voices, noisy office equipment and ringing telephones can distract other participants.

Do Not Place Your Line on Hold.
Putting your conference line on hold often sends on-hold music and recordings into the conference for all participants to hear. If you must step away from the conference, simply hang up and dial in again when you’re able to re-join.

End on Time.
It is just as important to end on time as it is to start on time. Your participants will know they can count on you to conduct an efficient meeting.

Offer a Conference Replay.
Our SoundByte services allow participants who missed your call to hear your valuable information by accessing a conference replay at their convenience 24 hours a day.

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