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Basic FAQs:

What is a Toll-Free Dial-In Conference?
For a Toll-Free Dial-In Conference, participants are provided a special toll-free number to call to participate in their meeting. This allows the moderator to incur all conference and long-distance charges.

What is a Dial-Out Conference?
For a Dial-Out Conference, a Premiere Conferencing Conference Support Specialist assembles the group of participants by dialing out to them individually. This allows the moderator to incur all conference and long-distance charges. With a Mixed Conference, the moderator decides which participants dial in and which participants are called by our Conference Support Specialists.
Do I need to give the confirmation code to the participants dialing in for the conference?
Yes. For security reasons, we ask that you provide participants with the confirmation code. Also, if a participant happens to call in at an incorrect time, the confirmation code helps us locate your conference information quickly.

Does Premiere Conferencing handle international conferencing?
Yes. Premiere has regional operations centers in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, France, Canada, Germany and Singapore. We can conduct conferences in any time zone. We are a full-service operation, running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Many Premiere Conferencing team members are bilingual, further supporting our ability to facilitate conferences with non-English speaking participants.

What is an International/Toll Dial-In Conference?
For an International/Toll Dial-In Conference, participants are provided a special telephone number to connect to their meeting a few minutes before scheduled start time. Participants are greeted by our Conference Support Specialists as they call in. Charges to the moderator include conference minutes only. Long-distance charges appear on each participant's own long-distance bill.
Where can I get information about all of Premiere Conferencing's services and the associated costs?
To determine how we can best meet your conference call needs, review our Product Overview and call us at (800) 234-2546 or (913) 661-0700. Or contact us at salesinfo@premconf.com.

What is a Client ID?
Every moderator is assigned a unique Client ID. Please use your Client ID when making or changing reservations, as it allows us to access your account information more quickly. You can find your Client ID on fax confirmations, invoices or, if you are a ReadyConference user, on your gold ReadyConference wallet card.

About Your Conference:

Can I delay my conference?
Your request to delay your operator-assisted PremiereCall will be accommodated unless conflicts with upcoming conferences occur. You may be asked to use a different dial-in number. Please contact a reservationist as soon as you become aware of the need to delay your conference. There is no need to notify us if you plan to delay your automated ReadyConference.

If a substitute will be replacing the scheduled moderator, what should I do?
Please notify a member of Reservations in advance, or inform the Conference Support Specialist running your call. Otherwise, the conference may be delayed while we wait for the original moderator to dial in. You should also inform your Conference Support Specialist if additional speakers other than those originally listed plan to attend.

Do you have suggestions for basic conference call etiquette?
Minimize or eliminate potential sources of background noise in your location.
Always identify yourself before speaking to avoid confusion. For example, "This is Chris Livingston from XYZ Corp., and I have a question about this topic."
Address participants by name to show you are interested in what they are saying. This has the same effect as making eye contact with them when meeting in person.
Pause before responding. Try counting to three before replying to prevent interrupting another participant.
Tactfully move sensitive issues or questions off line. For example, "Joe, I understand your concern. I'll call you later today to discuss this issue."
Listen actively. Clarify what another person said by paraphrasing what you heard.

Do you have any suggestions for using a speakerphone?
Before your conference, check the sound quality of your speakerphone by getting a second opinion. Place a test call to a colleague or to Premiere Conferencing.
Locate the microphone to ensure you are speaking directly into it. Also, make sure others joining you in the room sit close enough to the microphone to be heard clearly.
Be aware, speakerphones can be highly sensitive, transmitting everything from the sounds of overhead air ducts and tapping pens to shuffled papers and whispered side conversations.
Locate the mute button. Test it to make sure it works properly in case you need to use it.

How can I conduct a more successful, efficient conference call?
Prepare an agenda, and distribute it to your participants before the conference begins.
Start on time.
Kick off your meeting with an enthusiastic greeting and a roll call.
Ask questions to involve participants and increase participation.
Never place your line on hold. It often brings your on-hold music into the conference, disrupting the meeting.
Address participants by name.
Offer additional resources for your participants.
End on time.

What should I do if I accidentally get disconnected during my conference?
If you are accidentally disconnected on a dial-in PremiereCall, please call back using the dial-in telephone number you originally used to access your conference. If you are disconnected on a dial-out conference, the Conference Support Specialist will call you back immediately to bring you back into the conference. If you do not hear from us within two to three minutes, please call the number the Conference Support Specialist announced at the beginning of your conference.

What happens if my conference exceeds my scheduled time? Will all of my participants automatically get disconnected?
If your operator-assisted PremiereCall runs longer than expected, you will not be automatically disconnected. We will accommodate you on the phone line you dialed in on as long as possible, but we may need to assign a different number to dial back in on if you'd like to extend your scheduled time. Automated ReadyConference offers a virtual conference room 24/7, with a dedicated passcode and no time constraints.

Can I have the same dial-in number for every conference I conduct?
Yes. ReadyConference offers the same dial-in number and passcode for every automated conference you conduct. And because you already have your conference information, no more reservations are necessary. See "Making the Most of Your Automated ReadyConference" for more tips on automated conference calls.

Can I record my automated conference?
Yes, recording is available when you reserve your Scheduled ReadyConference over the Web.

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