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ReadyConference User Guides

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our technical support team at 1-888-569-3848.

ReadyConference User Guide

Get ready to experience the world's most convenient, cost-effective communications tool. Designed with your busy schedule in mind, ReadyConference enables you to meet anytime, from anywhere, without a reservation.

To begin using ReadyConference, just follow these easy steps:
1. Write your account information down…
Your Client ID:
Your Dial-in Number:
Your Moderator Passcode:
Your Participant Passcode:
Your Web Password:
2. Invite your participants to conference…
Share your dial-in number and participant passcode with your meeting participants.
3. Start your conference!

Help is always just a keystroke away.
Assistance is always available by pressing *0 to reach a reservationist or *1 to access the Help Menu. Pressing the star key (*) automatically re-admits you to your meeting.

Use these shortcuts to increase the success of your ReadyConference.
1. Use the same dial-in number for every conference you conduct.
2. You have three attempts to enter your passcode. Call Customer Support if all attempts fail at (888) 709-3386.
3. Press *0 at any time for 24x7 support. Experienced staff is standing by to help you.
4. Press *95 to add participants. You may dial out to participants and add them during your conference.

ReadyConference Moderator Features

Manage your ReadyConference account online and select from a variety of Moderator Features from the Conferencing Services Menu. Follow these simple steps:
1. Access the Conference Services Menu at www.premconf.com/login
2. Enter your client ID and Web password. Forgot your password? Please call (888) 709-3386.
3. Select from the following services:
ReadyConference Scheduling System
ReadyConference Reports
ReadyCast Reservations
ReadyClick & Conference

See below for details on each service!

ReadyConference Scheduling System

To reserve a conference or change your moderator options, follow these steps:
1. From the Conferencing Services Menu, select "Create a Conference"
2. Select your conference options.
3. To finish, select "Create Conference"

ReadyConference Reports

To view your conference activity reports, follow these steps:
1. From the Conferencing Services Menu, select "Create a Conference"
2. Select your conference options.
3. Select "Create Conference"

ReadyCast Reservations

ReadyCast combines the audio quality of an automated ReadyConference with the interactive capabilities of Web conferencing. To access the ReadyCast meeting set-up menu, follow these steps:
1. From the Conferencing Services Menu, select "ReadyCast Reservations"
2. Select "Schedule A Meeting" or "Start A Meeting" from the ReadyCast meeting menu.
3. Follow the ReadyCast screen instructions. If you do not have a ReadyCast account, please call (888) 709-3386.

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