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VisionCast Meeting

When you need to present materials, brainstorm ideas, negotiate contracts, conduct sales demonstrations or staff meetings with a few colleagues or clients, VisionCast Meeting revolutionizes the way participants in multiple offices can interact. With the ability to share files and presentations, sketch ideas on community white boards and look at Web content together, VisionCast Meeting allows you to work more intimately with your colleagues. The call's host has the ability to pass full control of the visuals to other participants so they can make live changes to documents or show something to the group from their own desktop. Saving time on collaborative decisions, these online sessions will make your meetings more productive and more interesting to your participants than ever before.

VisionCast Meeting is also ideal for delivering formal presentations to small- and mid-sized groups for sales, marketing or corporate communications functions. Live operator assistance is available 24/7. VisionCast Meeting is powered by Placeware, the most reliable collaborative platform available in the industry today.

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