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Product Features and Definitions


Features include the following:

The ReadyConference Card - Issued to ReadyConference moderators when they set up their account, this convenient wallet card provides our customers with their conference information, including their name, client ID, toll and toll-free dial-in numbers, moderator and participant passcodes

VisionCast Meeting and ReadyCastSM
- Included with every ReadyConference account, ReadyCast combines the visual and collaborative resources of the Internet with the audio capabilities of ReadyConference.

Quality Customer Service - Always available at the touch of a button, 24/7, to assist customer during customer call.

ReadyConference Scheduling System – Available following moderator log-in, this system features an intuitive scheduling calendar that streamlines conference scheduling, this Web system includes an enhanced moderator options selection menu.

SecureTouchSM – This moderator feature offers the flexibility of applying high-level security to individual conference calls, and provides organizations with the opportunity to use this feature as part of their company-wide conferencing security policies.

Moderator Options - Moderators have the following conference options:
o Schedule conference availability
o Assign a conference name
o Assign a PO or billing code
o Modify entry and exit options
o Record participant’s names for roll call
o Select on-hold music until the moderator joins
§ Play or skip roll call when moderator joins
o Receive a listen-only passcode for participants
o Override default PO
o Validate Moderator requires client ID to initiate conference
o Moderator Override allows moderator to initiate a scheduled conference anytime
o SecureTouch - Automatically enables the following options:
§ Voice on entry/exit
§ On-hold music
§ Roll call
§ Validate Moderator
§ Lock/unlock*
§ Mute all participant lines*
§ Disconnect all participant lines*
*Available on all ReadyConferences
Customer may disable any individual option if desired.

Online Reporting - Provides moderators with Web access to their ReadyConference client or company usage report.

Dial-in Access - Domestic toll and toll-free and International toll access is available.

Moderator Billing Feature - Enables moderators to assign a billing code or PO number to each call for easier tracking and billing simplification.

Scheduled ReadyConference - Through Reservations or on the Web, moderators can reserve automated conferences in advance and receive a unique dial-in number and passcode, “listen-only” passcode for participants, select Record and Replay, and send e-mail notification to help boost attendance.

Moderator features include (Reservationless and Scheduled):
· Press *92 to hear a roll call.
· Press *93 to disconnect all participant lines.
· Press *94 to lock or unlock the conference, preventing other participants from joining.
· Press *95 to dial out to and add domestic participants
· Press *96 to mute all participant lines.
· Press *97 to un-mute all participant lines.

Participant features include (Reservationless and Scheduled):
· Press *6 to mute or "un-mute" your line.
· Press *4 to increase the conference volume.
· Press *7 to decrease the conference volume.
· Press *5 to increase voice volume.
· Press *8 to decrease voice volume.
· Press *0 to reach a live reservationist.
· Press *1 to hear the Help Menu.

ReadyClick & Conference – Web-based moderator tools
ReadyClick & ConferenceSM – An easy-to-use Web-enabled application ReadyClick & Conference allows moderators to initiate and direct their conference calls right from their desktop. This Windows-based application provides a convenient tool to instantly initiate automated conferences, mute lines, adjust volume, eliminate line noise, disconnect and dial out to participants and apply security protocols to any ReadyConference.

ReadyClick & Conference comes equipped with the following features:
· Application launches from an active icon in your desktop system tray
· Provides instant notification of conferences in progress.
· Allows moderator to survey participants, graphically chart and print results
· Includes a full range of moderator controls including volume adjustment, mute, hold, participant in and out times, identification of the number of participants, disconnect lines, and termination of conference
· Includes an active indicator showing who’s speaking in the conference, and allowing moderator to mute noisy lines and music on hold
· Supports automated dial-out to add participants to a conference in progress
· Displays participants entering and exiting a conference
· Provides drag-and-drop of any number of participants into a private sub conference
· Allows users to schedule and initiate a ReadyCast Web conference
· Provides ReadyConference online conference reports
· Supports instant e-mail document sharing

Internet Services

ReadyCast – Web Conferencing for Automated Calls
The ReadyCast product is designed for small groups that need to meet on the spur of the moment, or need to share documents/presentations during a meeting. ReadyCast meetings do not need a set schedule, nor do they need advanced planning.

These working sessions offer a variety of features:
· Presentation sharing lets the user (or users) present any printable document to the other participants.
· Document sharing is a helpful tool when more than one person needs to share and work on a specific document.
· Application sharing and application share control allow more than one person to work within an application hosted on one of the participant’s computers.
· With Desktop sharing, one person can remotely control another participants’ computer.
· File transfer allows users to transfer files electronically without disconnecting from the ReadyCast presentation. Simply drag the file and drop it in the designated file transfer area to share with other participants.
· Web sharing enables the entire group to browse the Web together. However, if a participant clicks on a link, the new page is pushed to all participants.

VisionCast Meeting – Web conferencing for Automated Calls
Built with all the features and functionality of Premiere Conferencing’s attended VisionCast product, the VisionCast Meeting is designed to support ReadyConference users on spur of the moment collaborative meetings.

The following are a few features offered through the VisionCast Meeting service:
· Flexibility in presenting and controlling a select a slide set and present individual slides including PowerPoint slides, Editable Text slides, Polling slides, Snapshot slides, Sharing slides and Web slides.
· Create new slides “on the fly.”
· Share your view and applications. Sharing a view is a great way to demonstrate a new software application, show the real-time manipulation of data in a spreadsheet, or lead the audience through a new process.
· Record a presentation. If recording is part of your feature set, you can record a meeting including slides and comments to be played back at a later time.
· See who’s at the meeting and chat.
· Share presenter controls.
· Print to PDF. Print the contents of the loaded slide set to a PDF file.

VisionCast – Web Conferencing for Attended Calls
VisionCast is a very comprehensive and intuitive product. The VisionCast package includes numerous data conferencing features. Clients are able to select which features they want to use. This product is compatible with PowerPoint.

Features of this package include:
· Customized Invitations – attendees and presenters
· Email confirmation and notification to attendees
· Rehearsals
· Participant list
· Seating and audience chart
· Participant Connection status
· Slide Shows
· Document sharing
· Whiteboarding
· Snapshot or screen capture
· Website viewing
· Moderator controls
· Co-presenters
· Speaker notes
· Chat and messaging
· Q&A
· Polling
· Record and Playback

VisionCast is used to compliment attended conferences. Premiere requires at least 3 hours notice to schedule a VisionCast call for current users and 48 hours notice for new users.

VisionCast Seats
VisionCast seats are available to heavy web conferencing customers who want the unlimited usage (per seat) pricing model. Following is a brief description of the different features available with the 4 levels of VisionCast seats.
· Basic – includes on-line conferencing with instant polling, chat, and application viewing.
· Basic with Recording – includes on-line conferencing with instant polling, chat, application viewing, and recording.
· Advanced – includes on-line conferencing with instant polling, chat, application viewing, recording, and application sharing.
· Advanced with SSL – includes on-line conferencing with instant polling, chat, application viewing, recording, application sharing, and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data transmission encryption.

SoundCast extends the reach of attended conference calls by simul-casting live streaming audio on the Web, and by streaming event replays.
SoundCast features and benefits include:
· A cost-effective way for clients to offer and expand global access to their events.
· User-friendly Web interface.
· 30-day Web replay of event included at no additional charge.
· Limited interaction with Web audience available through e-mail link.
· While listening to live audio, users can also link to relevant material provided on the client’s (or any other) Web site.
· Package pricing enables clients to know costs up front.

PremiereCall Attended Services

PremiereCall Auditorium
Auditorium provides Premiere clients with the best of both worlds by enabling them to run an event sized call (up to 1000 participants) without the manpower of a typical event call (only one operator needed). This offers clients a more streamlined user experience and additional savings and value on an attended call.

Product features include:
· Dedicated Event Manager
· Dedicated Operator
· 360 Port capacity
· Passcode access
· PIN Access (optional) to enable caller identification, screening, participant list
· Web pre-registration to anticipate audience size, representation
· Multiple speaker capability
· Pre and post conferences
· Electronic Q&A
· Electronic Polling
· Basic SoundByte Replay availability
· CD Recording
· Integration With VisionCast

PremiereCall Connection
This basic attended service offers customers the ability to leverage Premiere Conferencing service with operators to ensure a smooth and professional conference call.

PremiereCall Event
This product includes many features that other competitors charge for separately.
These features include:
· Dedicated Event Manager
· Dedicated Operator
· CommLine
· Professional Announcer
· Roll Call
· Dial Out available
· Listen Only available
· Participant List
· Basic Introduction Script
· Pre/Post Conference
· Sub Conference
· Recording
· Backup Recording
· Q&A

Attended Feature/Service Definitions

Options Available before the Event
Program Development Consultation: The Premiere Event Manager and other team members will discuss with you the objectives of the program and suggest the most effective way to set up the event. The Event Manager will also be responsible for coordinating all details with the appropriate Premiere departments, (i.e. Consulting, Fulfillment and Operations).
Professional Consulting and Rehearsal Services: Premiere coaches provide services before, during and after the event. Coaches will prepare spokespeople on the differences between making audio and face-to-face presentations. Rehearsals also allow protocols to be experienced by the speakers prior to the actual event. Premiere’s coaching service offers professional moderator services, speaker coaching and written reviews of events.
Recruitment and Reminder Calls: Premiere Conferencing offers telemarketing services for recruitment purposes or message delivery. The service includes assistance with script development and registration.
Fulfillment Services: Premiere offers fulfillment services for sending support materials to program participants. Services include packet assembly, letter duplication and mailing.
Creative Services: A member of Premiere’s creative services department will help you design invitations, cassette and CD covers and other collateral materials. Printing and mail house services are included.

RSVP Service: Invited participants can call or reply through a customized web site to reserve a place at your event. When the participant registers, Premiere Conferencing collects basic information such as name, affiliation, phone number, department code or any other data required prior to the event. This information not only assists you and Premiere to estimate the number of participants that will be on the line, but it also helps you know who is planning to attend your event, which in turn helps you customize your agenda.
Pre-Conference Survey: When the participant calls ReplyLine, Premiere can also ask a number of questions designed to gather critical data prior to the event. For example: “What level of software are you presently using?” This information helps you be better prepared for the meeting or can help the moderator tailor the presentation to the specific needs of the participants.
Broadcast Messagingâ: Instantaneous (blast) faxing and e-mail capabilities to multiple locations. This service includes list storage and maintenance. Upon completing the RSVP process, Premiere Conferencing faxes to the participant support materials such as an event reminder, enrollment confirmation sheet, or technical specifications for any web services that will be utilized during the event.

Options Available during the Event
Remote Operator: Enables you to share a computer screen with the Premiere Conferencing operator conducting the conference call at our conference center. Important information can be viewed firsthand, such as who is in the conference, which is asking questions during the Electronic Question and Answer Session, and what answers individual participants are giving to survey questions.
Team Pre- and Post-seminar Conferences: While participants are gathering online, your team and the Premiere Conferencing team can meet briefly to review protocols and discuss last-minute details. Meeting right after the seminar allows everyone to discuss and exchange feedback about the event just completed.
Customized Greetings: Operators may be required to ask participants for a passcode to gain access to the call. Moderators may want scripts to be read by the Premiere Conferencing professional announcer. The script may be preliminary information on the company, a product to be discussed and/or protocols for the event and how to participate.
Caller Screening: Callers are screened against a participant list and/or moderator confirmation before and during the call.
Additional Participant Information Gathered: As callers dial in to join the conference, our operators can request name and additional information such as location, number of people sitting with the caller and office location of the caller.
On-Hold Music/Messages: Selected music, announcements, or background information can be played while participants wait for the event to start.
Listen Only/Broadcast Mode: Participants are placed in a listen-only mode, preventing them from being able to be heard during the conference.
Professional Announcer: Premiere Conferencing provides a professional announcer who will begin the program with a prepared announcement and then an introduction of your spokesperson.
CommLine: Allows a behind-the-scenes link between your team and the Premiere Conferencing operations team. Event production instructions and client updates may be discussed to ensure the event is a success.
Translation: Premiere Conferencing can provide translation services when your event is linked to international locations.
Electronic Polling/Surveys: Short surveys can be taken by asking questions of participants who respond by pressing the appropriate telephone keypad buttons.
VisionCast: Combines the latest Internet technology with audio conferencing to provide real –time, interactive visual, data and audio presentation solutions. VisionCast is also equipped with special conference leader tools.
Technical Support (On-site or telephone assistance available): Premiere Conferencing’s technical services can integrate microphones, PA systems, and telephone lines, connecting the live audience PA system with the audio conference and microphone system.

Options Available after the Event
Participant List: Upon completion of the call, a list of attendees can be sent to you.
Recording: Cassette, CD, or Electronic File (.wav, .mp3, .asf, .rm – Real Audio, .wma – Windows Media):
Professional Editing: Premiere Conferencing can edit, and/or add music, narrative and remarks to your conference replay.
Conference Playback: The event can be played back at predetermined times or posted to our SoundByte® service for participants to call in to at their own convenience. The replay service is available through telephone access and in some cases when used with VisionCast over the Web.
Tape Archive: Tapes can be archived for later duplication or editing.
Transcriptions: Available as written text or on a disk and distributed via e-mail, fax or regular mail.
Coaching and Consulting Written Reviews: A Premiere Conferencing coach can review a recording of the call and suggest enhancements or improvements for the next event.
Post Event Reporting: Following the call, Premiere will supply you with complete reports that pull together the data from the registration and survey during the call to provide you with a complete picture of each attendee.

SoundByte is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system that can be used to replay audioconferences and is accessible via a telephone.

Below are some features and benefits of SoundByte
· 24 hour per day, 7 day per week replay accessibility.
· Ability to capture requested caller information.
· Information taken from the caller can be transcribed and faxed, or e-mailed, within 2-business days.
· Usage reports (ANI and utilization) are available.
· Can be available for as long as client desires.
· Toll and toll free number availability.
· Can be available 5 minutes after conclusion of the event, provided that there is no production work required. (extra charge applies)
· Special applications can be custom developed for the clients’ specific needs.

Basic SoundByte
Pricing is billed per day – includes unlimited usage.
· Digital Replay: The recorded material for your client’s event can be placed onto a digital replay system. This replay system is accessible by either a toll or toll free dial-in number. Once connected to the system the callers will then be prompted to enter the access (confirmation) code for the program that they wish to hear. The replay is normally available 1 hour after the conclusion of the live event but can be available, in its entirety, 5 minutes after the conclusion of the live event, for a Rush Fee.
· Greeting / Closing: Once connected to the replay the callers will hear a greeting, welcoming them to the replay and at the conclusion, they will here a closing thanking them for participating in your clients’ call.
· Security Passcode: Your client may request that a single passcode be made available to force only callers with the code access to the program. A passcode of four (4) to (10) digits may be used.
· Voice Capture: This option allows the caller to record information requested by your client, such as their name, company name, and phone number for informational purposes. The information is transcribed onto a report at either the conclusion of the replay, or on a regularly scheduled basis, and can be delivered via fax or e-mail. There is a two-business day turnaround for retrieval and transcription of Voice Capture information. Clients may also self-retrieve the information.
· Usage Reports: ANI and Utilization. ANI: This works much like caller I.D. and is only available with toll-free access. Utilization: This information, which normally appears on your clients’ invoice, states the total number of callers and the total number of accumulated minutes and can be provided on an Ad Hoc basis.

Deluxe SoundByte
Pricing is billed per day – includes unlimited usage.
Includes all of the above features listed in the Basic SoundByte package, plus the following:
· Fax-On-Demand: Your client may request that a document be available for callers to receive by fax, to be used in conjunction with the replay. Callers will be prompted to enter their fax number and receive the document prior to listening to the replay.
· Call Transfer: Your client may request that callers have the option to exit the replay and be connected to a live operator at the clients’ location. Callers will be presented the option to either press a digit to be connected to a live operator or disconnect.

Custom SoundByte
Pricing is billed as:
· Set up fees – per menu
· Charge for Toll Free number
· Ongoing Daily Fee
· Usage Fee
Any SoundByte application, not covered by a package packages is considered custom. These include:
· Menu applications
· Specially developed client specific applications
· Special fax-on-demand applications


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