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PremiereCall Auditorium

PremiereCall Auditorium combines the convenience of automated passcode access with operator assistance for large conference calls. This feature-rich service provides increased efficiency and ease-of-use for large-scale calls, while providing greater flexibility and features that meet your needs.

Designed with the moderator in mind, Auditorium places complete control of the conference into the hands of the moderator.

Features of Auditorium include:

· Dedicated operator assistance
· Operator attendance for quality control and organized Q&A sessions
· Ability to use with VisionCast, which allows document sharing and whiteboarding
· On-time call start with instant passcode access
· Pre-event knowledge of audience representation and size by participant web registration
· On-demand replays available by CD or phone (using SoundByte technology) to extend the reach of your message
· Immediate access to the participants list via e-mail following the event Typical applications include: · Sales training
· Company announcements
· All-hands meetings
· Seminars and briefings

For more information, or to reserve a PremiereCall Auditorium conference, call (888) 709-3386.

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