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A guide to the telecommunications vocabulary commonly used at Argo Navis IT, Premiere Conferencing and in the conference call industry.

A service that provides voice prompts to guide a caller through a recorded program. Audiotex is one of our SoundByte services.

A Premiere Conferencing representative actively providing assistance to the moderator(s) throughout the call. This might include welcoming participants, introducing speakers and leading an Electronic Question and Answer Session.

Broadcast Messaging:
A method of simultaneously distributing information and materials to multiple locations in a short period of time.

The piece of conferencing equipment used to connect three or more telephone lines so that everyone can participate in the same telephone call.
Conference Support Specialist:
A conference operator.

Listen-Only Mode:
A one-way communication mode that enables conference participants to listen, without having the ability to speak to others on the conference. This feature is commonly used with larger calls to eliminate background noise.

The participant hosting the conference call. As a representative of the host organization, this person usually facilitates the conference or event.

Open Conference:
A conference call where all lines are open so that all callers can be heard and can interact with each other freely. This feature is most commonly used with a small group of participants.

A replay of your conference call made possible through our SoundByte technology.

Roll Call:
With assistance from the Conference Support Specialist, the moderator can learn how many callers are on the line as well as their names and affiliations.

A separate, smaller conference taking place within a larger group. Often, participants in a large conference will break out into smaller groups for separate discussions. The Conference Support Specialist can easily reassemble the larger conference group at the appointed time or cue.

Web Res:
Also known as Web Reservations, this option enables you to reserve, change or cancel your Scheduled ReadyConference over the Web.

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