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Tips on Increasing Conference Security

Tips on Increasing Conference Security is essential.

Premiere Conferencing’s strict security protocols, plus the following tips, will help you conduct your call with confidence.

Provide a Participant List.
A participant list is a basic security measure. Provided to Premiere Conferencing prior to your operator-assisted PremiereCall, the list enables our conference support specialists to screen unauthorized participants. Callers who are not on the list are granted access to your call only after they are confirmed with the conference moderator or host via a CommLine.

Use Security and Confirmation Codes.
Your conference will be assigned a unique confirmation code or passcode after your reservation is made. Participants without these codes will not be admitted to your conference without approval by the conference moderator or host. If you are using the same confirmation code for several conferences, Premiere Conferencing suggests changing your code periodically.

Limit Distribution of ReadyConference Information.
Due to the 24/7 access of ReadyConference, we recommend limiting the distribution of your passcode to prevent misuse of your account.

Announce Security Protocols.
We can make customized announcements at the beginning of your operator-assisted PremiereCall to inform participants of your security protocols. For instance, we may announce that speakerphones are not to be used and that doors to offices are to be closed for the duration of the conference.

Shred Written Materials.
Support materials used by conference participants should be shredded before disposal to prevent intentional or accidental misuse of your proprietary information.

More specifically, you can enhance security on your automated conference calls in the following ways: · Use passcode entry to ensure only the participants invited are allowed to access your call.
· Choose entry and exit tones to notify you when a participant joins or leaves your conference call.
· Choose Music On-Hold to limit interaction among your participants until you are ready to begin.
· Conduct a roll call to find out who is on your conference.
· “Lock” and “unlock” your conference to ensure no one joins after you begin the meeting.
· At the end of your meeting, disconnect all lines to ensure everyone leaves the conference at the same time.
· Change your conference call passcode regularly or when you suspect misuse.
· Take advantage of the ability to enter a moderator billing code at the beginning of your conference to track the subject of each call.

This tracking tool helps you monitor your usage and alerts you if your dial-in number and passcode are used without your permission.

You can also boost security on operator-assisted calls by employing the following precautions:
· All participants should have a passcode or a confirmation code to be admitted to your conference call.
· Conduct your conference in a location with a door that can be closed.
· Use a handset or a headset rather than a speakerphone to minimize the chance of being overheard.
· Control your invitation distribution, and only share the dial-in number with authorized people.
· If you are concerned that proprietary information might be exchanged on your conference call, ask us about additional safety measures we can offer

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