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Argo Navis IT, a MWBE supplier, offers a full spectrum of high quality audio and web conferencing services. We provide complete support for high touch, high exposure investor relations calls as well as automated, toll free, reservationless conferencing. We can meet all of your audio and web conferencing needs and exceed your expectations for quality.

Argo Navis IT is a value added reseller of Premiere Conferencing services and is their exclusive MWBE partner. Premiere Conferencing has consistently led the industry in developing the most advanced conferencing solutions, fulfilling today’s business-critical communications needs. Premiere Conferencing delivers the highest levels of security and reliability in a comprehensive suite of communications offerings, all available through Argo Navis IT.

The partnership of Argo Navis IT and Premiere Conferencing offers you the best conferencing services in the industry, exceptional sales support, executive attention, competitive cost structures that will satisfy your bottom line as well as a supplier with diversity status.

So let’s talk more about what’s important to you:

PROVEN QUALITY – Our partner, Premiere Conferencing, is a proven leading provider of conferencing services with a wide array of options that will meet the needs of the most demanding of executives while supporting your workforce with automated, toll free, reservationless conferencing. Acclaimed by industry consultants and IT publications, they have strong quality process controls and a constant quality improvement process behind their services.

SECURITY - Business is confidential. With clients interacting around the world, Argo Navis and Premiere Conferencing are committed to protecting the privacy of every client we serve. Our associates undergo intensive screening prior to hiring and agree to strict confidentiality guidelines thereafter. Dedicated security protocols throughout our physical locations ensure sensitive client information is kept private.

RELIABILITY/CONSISTENT DELIVERY – The quality of our services means you will never have to worry about a dropped call or poor service levels.

GREAT CUSTOMIZED SERVICE – Our highly skilled operators are there to assist your conferencing needs. Continual training of our associates assures that they are always able to help you 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

MWBE/DIVERSITY PARTNERING – Our MWBE status promotes and demonstrates your company’s culture as well as fulfills requirements of many local, state, and federal government contracts, as well as contracts with many other corporations and utilities with which your company does business.

BOTTOM LINE OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS – Argo Navis offers high quality services which streamline the effectiveness of your company’s resources. From ordering to billing, we make it easy for your company to collaborate on important announcements and projects and to broadcast news to your employees and shareholders.

TECHNOLOGY - Paying close attention to client feedback, our R&D team is developing innovative technology solutions to further enhance the convenience, security and ease of our conferencing services. Our redundant facilities and multi-site network provide ample coverage for emergencies and disaster response.

FEATURE RICH, YET SIMPLE – From translation services to post conference replays, we can meet your conferencing needs with an array of options that can make it easy for your international employees and stakeholders to receive information needed for the productivity of your company.

Frequently Asked Questions About MWBE:

So What is MWBE and Why Should My Company Care?
MWBE stands for Minority/Women Business Enterprise. MWBE programs provide proactive processes for suppliers to gain equal access to purchasing opportunities This business status requires 51% or greater ownership by women or minorities as well as management and control of daily business operations, with experience or technical expertise directly related to the primary products or services of the business.

Originally defined by the Small Business Administration, MWBE programs are now a fundamental part of corporations in the United States and promoted worldwide. Support of supplier diversity is one method many corporations have adopted to demonstrate their stance on equality while at the same time gaining broader interest from minority stakeholders, customers, and investors. This allows business to maintain an emphasis on understanding, valuing and leveraging differences, knowing this will be directly linked to their ability to effectively compete in an ever-changing marketplace. Business cases for full support of the diversity program are available in most large companies.

Major corporations as well as local, state, federal, utility, and regulated industries now require that a certain percentage of their purchasing dollars go to MWBE suppliers. Some require that as much as 20% of purchases be made supporting MWBE purchases. Often contracts specify that these can come from either tier 1 (direct MWBE supplier usage) or tier 2 (MWBE suppliers used by the main supplier in providing goods and services).

What about cost? That’s all I hear from my company
Naturally, Argo Navis would not expect that you would choose us solely because we are a MWBE supplier that can help you meet your company’s diversity goal. We fully anticipate and welcome the opportunity to competitively bid for your service and win based upon our service, price, and quality.

Why not go directly to Premiere for service?
By working through Argo Navis, you are working on an operational level with our great partner, Premiere Conferencing. However you gain the added benefit of great sales support, executive attention, as well as diversity status while still obtaining competitive cost structures that will satisfy your bottom line.

Argo Navis IT